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Traditional Chinese Medicine - acupuncture, massage & herbs. Effective and safe options for pain relief, injury recovery, pregnancy care, stress release and everyday health care.

Nicky Walker -- BHSc Acupuncture, NZ Dip Tuina, Member of Acupuncture NZ. 
ACC treatment provider.

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The body can need help to get through life’s challenges. I use a combination of acupuncture, massage and herbs to support and restore your health and wellbeing.

--Nicky Walker

Meet Nicky Walker

Nicky Walker is a dedicated Acupuncture professional working to improve her patients health through the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Nicky holds a Bachelor in Health Science (Acupuncture) and a Diploma in Tuina (Traditional Chinese massage) from the NZ School of Acupuncture (Wellington). She is a member of Acupuncture NZ and an ACC treatment provider.

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Clients are welcomed at Nicky Walker's Naturally Well Clinic, 9A Wellington Rd, Paekakariki.

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"I have experienced considerable benefit from having these regular treatments. During the treatments I am able to immediately reach a level of deep relaxation which I do not experience in any other part of my week."

-- Sarah

"...It was absolutely astonishing. I couldn’t recommend Nicky more highly. She’s patient and thoughtful, persistent in making you feel better and she knows her stuff. "

-- Heather